Research, Planning and Healthy Communities Advocate

For Cities and communities
alike, leaders must take
actions to improve their
overall health and find a
means to measure their
progress as they move forward
into the future. The goal is to
put community health high on
the social, economic and
political agenda of all leaders;
health is the business of all
sectors and local authorities;
leaders are in the unique
position, with power to protect
and promote their citizensí
health and well-being.
Asterhill has the experience
and people to make it happen.

Founded in 2003, Asterhill Research Company provides Research, Planning and Healthy Communities Advocate.  We are committed to helping clients develop strategies to successfully meet their needs. Asterhill works with clients integrating health and urban planning practices, to advance health equity; resulting in healthier communities.  Our team creates results-producing strategies through the collection and analysis of primary and secondary data. It is essential to understand the present, in order to plan for future generations.

We focus our expertise on the planning and development of projects that promote, enhance and revolve around housing, poverty, and communities.  Asterhill has worked with many state and federal agencies including  HUD, USDA-RD, EPA, SBA, and state and county housing development agencies in;  Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Asterhill Research Company
Qualified Market Analyst in
New Hampshire and New York
CHES Certified
NIH Certified
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Healthy Communities are grounded in knowledge
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